Your story matters.

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. I’m imagining that “Cat in the hat” scene in the Dr. Seuss book where he’s balancing a little bit of everything. While he can handle it because he’s a fictional character, real humans and real business owners aren’t the same.

As a business owner, you know the heart and soul that goes into what you do. You know the “why” behind your business, the reason you started it in the first place, and how you can serve others through your product or service. You know your voice on the inside, but is it showing through on the outside?

Line Writing Co. offers copywriting services for three types of business owners: the DIY-ers, the half & half-ers, and the all in-ers! What type of business owner are you?

The DIY-er:

You’ve made a name for your business and you’re not quite ready to give up the content writing to someone else. You’re looking for a plan, for ideas, for outlines, for coaching, and for accountability. You’re a DIYer.

The Half & Half-er:

You’d love some coaching and guidance, but for the most part, you need someone to tackle that writing to-do list. You need fresh content, you need blogs written, and you need to finally finish that website content that’s been put off for weeks. You’re a half & half-er.

The All In-er:

The all in-er wants the whole she-bang. They’re ready for the website content, the updated story, the blog posts, the social media plan…they want it all. You’re an all in-er.

Know which one you are now? Head over to my services page to choose which package or a la carte item can help your story be told in a way that is effective and true to your voice.