Transitioning Back After Vacation

Coming off a vacation week was quite harder than I thought.

Wearing all the hats in your small business can be overwhelming at times, as I’m sure you can imagine. You’ve got a million (which sometimes feels like a trillion) things on your plate, and there really is no “off” button. It’s hard to allow yourself a break away from the laptop and the looming “to do” lists.

Last week, I forced myself to create and press an “off” button. I recognized the importance of a mental and physical break from business, and I did it. My husband and I explored Asheville, North Carolina, after we attended the wedding of good friends. The vacation kind of fell into our lap, as we were already going to be down there, we found an incredible Airbnb (which, if you’re planning on visiting Asheville, please reach out because this place was perfect), and we were ready for some time to re-connect to each other.

We spent the five days we were in North Carolina eating way too much good food, holding hands and walking down the city streets, and exploring nature. It was so good for the heart and soul, and felt amazing to get a break from the daily hustle and bustle. We got up when we wanted, stayed up late watching movies, and just enjoyed the quiet away from our normal lives. I will admit, we missed our dog something fierce!

However, when we got home, I felt a little weird. I began doubting my business venture and if I made the right decision. To be honest, this isn’t a normal thought that creeps into my mind. I am confident in my abilities and drive, and this was an odd thought that I wanted to not give any life to. I was defeating myself. I was having trouble getting motivated to get back into the swing of things.

To combat these thoughts, I began to make mental lists of why I love what I do. I began to tell myself that these thoughts weren’t true, they were just trying to drag me down. I didn’t let them get to me. I let myself enjoy the weekend, and today I started Monday with a fresh mind.

I started today with a determined mind to succeed and to believe wholeheartedly in what I do. I started today with the want to create an experience for my clients that makes their lives easier, their businesses better, and their interactions with me more positive.

Has anyone else experienced a weird slope after coming back from vacation? It’s making me feel like I need another vacation just to get over it…ha!

Until next time,


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