My 2019 Word Of The Year

When it comes to resolutions for a new year, I feel like I’m often a little torn. Some parts of me feel excited and energized, whereas some parts of me have a bit of an existential crisis.
Is it really as big a deal as people make it? Or is this just some kind of social creation that I’m blindly following?

Remember when I shared how much I love some good ol’ introspection. Yup.

This year feels a little different, though. Maybe it’s because it’s another year of “adulting,” which brings about a fresh set of worries in regards to bills, friendships, working out, etc. The list goes on and on. Last year, I started my business in February. It’s so funny to think that this time last year I didn’t even have this as a SPECK in my eye looking towards the future. Now, I’m at a point where I’m not only facing a little bit of an existential crisis for myself, but also for my business. How will I keep up the energy? How will I find more clients? How will I make time for a somewhat normal social life?
Instead of freaking out, I decided to pick my word of the year. I decided to pick a word that covered all of these bases and that would have an impact on my life both personally and professionally. I wish I was kidding when I say this word came to me at 4:30am as I lay awake. But, as promised, I’m always keeping things as real as I can. I had three words in my mind, but I settled on one.
This may seem like an odd word to choose, but I’ll break it down below.

In relation to myself

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regards to boundaries. I’ve decided to set them and stick with them. I heard a quote by my favorite person to follow on social media, Vienna Pharoan (her instagram is @mindfulmft and you should 100% sign up for her emails here), who is a marriage and family therapist in New York. Let me tell you….she posts some deep shit. I just cussed in a blog post. Oops. But, I love her. I intently think about each and every thing she posts. If you like thinking deeply and being hit with truth, she’s your girl.
Anyways, she talks a lot about boundaries. She talks a lot about getting rid of the things that do not serve your emotions and wellbeing. She shares tips and tricks on navigating tough scenarios and doing everything in your power to protect your happiness and life. Her quote was, “the only people that will be mad you set boundaries are the people who benefitted from you not having them in the first place.”
Let that sink in. It hit me like a ton of bricks.
This year, I am promising myself that I will be more attentive to these boundaries I’ve set for myself. I’ll be attentive to how I feel, to how I am protecting my happiness, and to the growth that needs to happen for me to get to the top of whatever mountain I’m climbing.

In relation to my business

As a small business owner, I quite literally pour my heart and soul into my clients and potential clients. I recognize them as not only potential clients, but as PEOPLE. They are men and women and they are just living their life, trying to grow their business, and looking for content that tells their story. I treat their business like it is my own. I want to continue to create an environment where I am attentive to the needs and wants of my clients.
It is my goal to never lose sight of the personality that started this business in the first place. I am intentional about my interactions, and I want to continue to be attentive to the work I create for them.

In relation to others

I’ll admit it…I am SO hot and cold when it comes to answering text messages and phone calls from friends and family. This isn’t to say it’s something I am proud of, but it’s my reality. I’m either answering as soon as it’s sent or unintentionally ignoring it. I even sometimes *think* that I respond, only to realize I didn’t.
You see, this isn’t fair.
I want to be sure that, while keeping my boundaries in place, I am there for people when they are counting on me for a reply. If this reply is telling them I need time, or maybe that I just can’t take on their request right now, so be it. But I want people to feel that by reaching out to me, through whatever medium, they are heard.
I want to be attentive to the feelings of others. I want to make the time to spend more intentional time with my friends and family. I want to be attentive to the promises I make, the plans I keep, and the wants I share with others.

Let’s do this

So there you have it. This year my intention is to be more attentive. In all that I do.
I’d love to challenge you to think of your word. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be a simple word. Maybe it’s “fun,” or maybe it’s “ambition.” Whatever it is, find that word and stick to it. 
And, if you know me personally, I also challenge you to keep me accountable. Sometimes we all need a little kick in the butt to remind us of the intentions we set.
What’s your word? I’d love to hear it. 

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