Winning & Losing

I’ll start by being very honest…up until 4:00 pm yesterday I didn’t know who was playing in the Super Bowl. I grew up watching SEC football because my mom is an avid (to say the least) Auburn fan, yet I’ve never really kept up with NFL or football in general. I’ve always been this meme, to say the least:


Anyways, I’m always down for a Super Bowl party or to watch with friends or family. Last night, though, I thought about something a little deeper than just a football game after it was all said and done. We were watching the end of the game after the Patriots won, and I saw cameras surrounding Tom Brady as he was walking away. The commotion made me feel super anxious for Tom because who wants to have microphones and cameras in their face as they are trying to walk away!? I don’t know who this player was, but he found a Rams player (see, eventually I learned who was playing) and was hugging him and talking in his ear. I wish I could hear what he said, but I imagine it was kind words and affirmations.

Once a reporter finally got to Tom, she asked him why he was talking to that player. He said something the lines of, “I know what it’s like to come all the way here and not win. I wanted to make sure I showed him some support.” At the time, this was really sweet to hear. But after the fact, aka right before I started typing this post, it made me think a little deeper.

Isn’t it *often* hard to support a winner when we’re a loser? What about the other way around…shouldn’t we support the loser when we’re the winner?

Which side have you found yourself on most often? When you’ve been a winner, what have your actions been towards the loser? When you’ve been a loser, what have your attitudes been towards the winner?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect in either of these scenarios. When I win, I can at times forget that someone else wanted it, too. When I lose, I can spend too much time thinking about myself and my feelings and fail to congratulate the other. The thing is, though, this can change.

I’m starting to learn more and more that if we want to change the way we are and how we act, we can. Novel idea, right!? While I didn’t necessarily pay attention to the plays or understand what was happening at all times, I’m glad I was paying attention when that above interaction happened. I’m thankful that I was able to open my eyes to learn something from two football players who just played one of the biggest games of their lives.

Whether it’s in football, your business, your personal life, your relationship, your subject in school, or really anything…we all know what it’s like to come so far and lose. We all know what it’s like to come so far and win.

Let’s make it a point to celebrate others (and ourselves, there is room for that, too) in either the victory or the losses.

Happy Monday, friends! Let’s win today (even if we don’t actually win!).

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