Things I’m Loving Right Now – 2/18/19

Happy Monday!

I wanted to start a new blog series to highlight some things I’m currently using/eating/fan-girling over and loving. While I don’t *think* I’ll post every week, I thought it would be a fun way for you to get to know me and for me to get to write some light-hearted and fun material.

I follow a woman on Instagram (@things.i.bought.and.liked) who does this. However, she does it every day and highlights so many products. It’s definitely worth a follow! I obviously will never be just like her, nor will I ever have nearly as much money as she does, but that’s beside the point. It’s a fun follow and an easy read.

So…let’s dive in!


Thing One: Trader Joe’s Fruit & Vegetable Wash

image1 (3)

I want to start by saying that I, too, judged myself upon purchasing this product. The thing is, I’m a (not-so-secret) germaphobe. When it comes to washing hands and touching food, I’m a bit obsessive about it. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, which means I do a lot of cleaning for them. This is especially true if I’m juicing them. Anyways, plain old water is probably fine. BUT, if you’re like me, this wash eases my nerves a little bit.

It helps me feel better knowing that it removes waxes, pesticides, and other yucky stuff that is on fresh fruit and vegetables, such as the fingerprints of those people who meticulously look at e.v.e.r.y. apple and pick up e.v.e.r.y. orange before buying. There is actually (outdated, I’ll admit) research that shows less than 5% of people wash their hands correctly.

Needless to say, placebo effect or not, it’s $3.99 that I’m glad I spent. Also, it’s lasted me the past 4 months and still isn’t done because you only need a little bit. Bryce thinks it’s unnecessary, but I like it. Actually, I love it.

Thing Two: Bella Island Moonlight Candle from Target


If you’ve ever been to Anthropologie, then you know what I’m talking about when I say these words: Capri Blue Volcano Candle. I’m telling you…that candle is heavenly. What isn’t heavenly about it? The $30 price tag. For something that will, quite literally, burn away, I could never bring myself to spending that much on a candle. Even if the jar is pretty enough to use as a decoration. But I digress.

This brings me to Bella Island Moonlight. I heard or read or saw somewhere that it smelled like the Capri Blue Volcano candle and I immediately added it to my wishlist for my birthday back in October. That is when it (this $10.99 luxurious friend) entered into my life.

*Cue light shining down from above* 

While it doesn’t smell exactly like its overpriced sister-from-another-mister, it does the job. UNFORTUNATELY, this candle is going out of stock. Bryce saw it on clearance before Valentine’s Day so I’m now the proud owner of its sister-from-the-same-mister. RUN, don’t walk, to your local Target to see if it’s still on your shelves! You can find the info about it online here.

Thing Three: Trader Joe’s Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips – Chili & Lime Flavored

image2 (2)

I’ll just tell you now…I love Trader Joe’s. I have a feeling many things on these lists will be from good ol’ TJ’s. I go in our local store so often that I noticed the other day when they had a new cashier. Anyways, I also LOVE their snacks. Snacks will also be highlighted on these lists very frequently. 

These, though, are my current obsession. They’re crunchy, tangy (don’t buy them if you don’t like lime), and have just enough spice to prevent you from eating half the bag in one sitting. They’ll also leave your fingertips that nice tinge of orange, similar to Cheetos. However, this orange comes from vegetable juice, paprika, and turmeric. Which makes me feel slightly better. They’ve got a bite to them and for the low price of $2.49, they have *at least* 5 servings which ends up being around $0.50 for a few minutes of joy. Worth it to me.

You can read more about these bad boys here. 

That’s all, folks.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,



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