The Entrepreneurial Spirit

To put it simply, I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

While this wasn’t apparent until I did some self-reflecting somewhat recently, I wanted to share a little bit of my entrepreneurial spirit with you today so that this business makes a little more sense.

When I was a kid, I was always looking for ways to earn. At the same time, I was always wanting to create. From creating fictional stories with Barbie dolls to making those string bracelets all the cool kids did, I loved creating things. I loved art class, asked for the biggest set of art supplies for my birthday, and had a mind that was always creating stories in my head.

However, while I loved to create, I also loved to earn. I enjoyed working for a dollar, learning early on that if I did something, I could earn money to then buy things. I could also save if I wanted to. The opportunities were endless! I remember coming up with a list of chores that included a price list. While my parents would give me spending money on occasion, I never got a regular allowance. This is one thing I’ll forever be grateful for (even though I may not have been at the time).

Without an allowance, I had to find ways to earn. This is where the creativity came into play. As I mentioned, I also loved creating. While this ebbed and flowed throughout my childhood, I would also spend time acting as a Mother’s Helper, Babysitter, or creating lemonade stands that gave 50% of the proceeds to a local vet (I knew the way to tug at heart strings early on, apparently). I also worked at a local farm festival during high school making $6.55 an hour…that’s a dark period I tend to try and forget.

Me + Bees + The Cider Stand + Overpriced tickets and angry customers = Not a great combination.

All of this to say…I had some pretty good (as well as pretty bad) ideas on ways to earn. My best idea was yet to come, though. My pre-college idea was perhaps my greatest entrepreneurial idea ever (aside from this business, of course). While I intended to make this blog post about that idea, I decided to wait and give you some background first so it all makes sense. I learned so much from this idea that it needs an entire blog post devoted to it.

I’ll give you a hint…

It all started with a tie-dye t-shirt.

More to come on that Friday.

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