Hi, all! After being out of the country for almost four weeks total spanning across May and June, I’m officially back and ready to go. While my intended blog post for this week was going to be on my travels, I stumbled across something I thought was worthy of making that wait until next week.

In an effort to continue to grow both personally and professionally, I’m always open to challenges led by seasoned professionals. This week, I’m participating in a challenge through Dana Malstaff called “Building Authority.” Today, day one, we were challenged to come up with an opinion about our industry and share it on social media. While I could do that, I thought, “why not share it in a blog post, too?”

My opinion isn’t one that’s controversial or polarizing. Maybe it’s the Psychology minor in me just always looking for something more out of the ordinary. Who knows! Here goes…

My opinion: I believe that connection is essential for humans and that it should be considered when creating written content for a business.

In other words: We all long for connections. Whether it’s a business connection to secure our next job (when they said, “you get jobs by talking to people,” they meant it!) or a personal connection to start a new relationship, it’s a natural thing to want to connect with others.

Think about that excitement when you first meet a new potential friend and learn they share your love of something unique. Maybe it’s a bad reality TV show (I’ve found some friends through Monday night Bachelorette watching sessions), a favorite local restaurant, or a love of dogs. Or maybe it’s something deeper. Maybe it’s the fact that you both dealt with an issue that could have changed the projection of your life. Maybe you’ve both been hurt by the same thing, struggled through the same season, or fought the same battle.

The thrill of connection.

We love teams. Just take a look on social media during Football season (or any sports season) at the people with their faces painted drinking way too much Natty light in a parking lot. Who can blame them? They’ve found their team, and they’ve found the other supporters who can be their “tribe.”

As humans, we love identifying with people who “get it.” We love the ease of conversation that flows, the feeling of your figurative “walls” dropping down, and the excitement of a new connection. Why should it be any different as a business owner?

I think what’s missing in the world of copywriting is the art of human connection. We can be so focused on sharing knowledge and credentials, because that’s what we assume people want. We get bogged down by changing our narrative or rewriting something a trillion times (okay, maybe a dramatization), always questioning if someone will really care.

Will everyone care? Definitely not. But that’s not what I’m worried about when it comes to copywriting. What I want to focus on is if the right people will care?

The art of human connection shouldn’t be disassociated with copywriting. While of course, your ultimate goal is to have a profit off of your product, service, or company, don’t forget to first make those connections. Don’t forget to focus on putting consistent content out into the world that is attractive, welcoming, and captivating to your right audience.

Cultivate connection.

In the digital world we live in, we’ve lost the ability for many connections. Don’t let your website, your social media, your newsletters, your blogs, whatever it is, do the same. Harness them to create connection…to cultivate connection.

After all, even if someone isn’t your client or buyer right away, your name will be the first to come to their mind when they’re in the market. Why? Because of the connection you’ve created through the content you shared. Because of your vulnerability, your truths, and your story.

I’d be honored to be your partner in this. Get in touch today so WE can connect and talk about the opportunities for your business to be seen, be noticed, and be worthy of connection.

We’re all fans of connection, whether we want to admit it or not. Let what you share connect to those you intend it to and show the side of you that is authentic and true. The right people will follow.

Until next time,


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