Are you someone who finds it easier to talk to a video camera rather than put pen to paper (well, virtually)? If so, bravo! Making videos can be daunting. I’ve tried and tried and then realized that there’s a reason I’m a writer.

BUT…did you know that there are multiple ways you can turn your videos into content that works for you and your business?

Let’s continue…

You’ve already said the words, shared your thoughts, and opened up a dialogue. Don’t just let it sit there in a video! Like any good recycling encouragement video will tell you – reduce, reuse, recycle. How does this apply to this subject?


Reduce the effort you have to put into creating content by utilizing the content you’ve already made!

While it might seem confusing since the content is in two different mediums, there are so many ways to do this. In my work converting videos into edited transcriptions, blog posts, and social media posts, I like to start by using an audio-to-text tool to give me the blank slate to move forward. These are low cost solutions to give you or your copywriter the basic transcription to use when starting to create written content.

Trust me when I say that spending time pausing, typing, playing, *repeat*, is a waste of your time and energy. Utilize technology to help you help yourself!


When you post a video or go live, how many people are really seeing your video? You might be surprised to know that not everyone who follows you will actually see your video on their feeds or timelines.

Gotta love a good algorithm!

To combat this, reuse the content as new content. Whether it’s turning it into a blog post (or two, or three), social media posts, a newsletter, or more, there are countless ways you can reuse the content you’ve already made (keyword) and repurpose it into something new.


Once you’ve got the content in new forms, recycle it into new purposes. Re-share the content and cycle it through every few months. Post it in groups you’re a part of. Share it with clients who could benefit. Use it as a free download. The options are endless!

Not only does creating content from video help your business succeed and share more consistently, but it also plays a huge role in how your audience absorbs the information you’re sharing.

Some people are visual learners whereas some prefer audio. Some people struggle with auditory or visual issues that prevent them from seeing or hearing your content. Some would just much rather prefer reading silently at their desk rather than having to put headphones in to listen to the videos you post.

Either way, repurposing your videos into content that has a longer shelf life and works in more than one way is a great move that your business can make today.

Want to talk more about how you can use your videos (whether they’re brand spankin’ new or three years old) to create written content?

Let’s chat!

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