Let’s Connect…

I studied Sociology and Psychology in school. I’ve always loved interacting with others and navigating their unique personalities, interests, and passions. When I joined the workforce after graduation, I loved being around others in an office environment. I’d get to know the Janitors, the coworkers one desk away from mine, and the people I’d see in meetings biweekly.

When I left the “9-5” to venture off on my own, I found myself missing this piece of connection. I found myself missing the human interaction, the sometimes deep lunchtime talks, and the polite “hellos” to the people I’d pass in the hall.

While I’ve had the honor of speaking with clients from all over the world, I’ve become more and more confident about adding a new aspect to my business. One that involves more encouragement, more accountability, and more connection between me and someone else. I’ve become excited about adding in Focused Connection calls that dive in deep, figure out the messiness of sharing content, and help business owners feel more clarity and confidence surrounding how their business is portrayed online.

Not just your normal connection call

While I offer a free 15-minute connection call to anyone and everyone who is interested in talking more about what working with a copywriter is like, these are different. Rather than just skimming the surface, these offer the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for. These dig deep…finding your voice, clarifying your vision, and coming up with a plan to make sure it’s shared in a way that is authentic to you.

We talk through getting you VISIBLE online, so that the people you want to work with see what you do. We talk through batching out content, the importance of knowing your ideal client, and come up with a “game plan” for you moving forward.

More than that, you get to ask questions. You can air out frustrations with copy and I can offer you tricks of the trade that I’ve learned. You get support and accountability (if you want it) as you move forward in creating the content you’ve always dreamed of creating. We’ll talk through creating content that resonates with your audience and that facilitates connection.

More than just that…we’ll talk about making content that inspires people to take action. Whether it’s selling a program, hiring you on as their VA, or sharing a product, your content should make people want to take that next step forward to working with you.

For a limited time, you can get this for FREE.

As I begin to roll out this service as a Line Writing Co. offering, I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, I believe in this so much that for a limited time, I’m offering TEN business owners a session just like this for free. Yup, free. Zero strings attached. I promise.

What your FREE Focused Connection means for you

You’ll get the choice to book a time that works for you and choose the path and focus of our 30-minute call: either Voice & Vision or Visibility. Read on below to help you choose which focus works best for you.

(Spoiler alert: Future calls will be one hour long and cover both of these topics…stay tuned for more on that!)

Voice & Vision: Is your message communicating your voice and vision? We’ll talk through the “why” behind your brand and focus on creating a voice that shares it loudly and proudly. We’ll discuss how your vision is integrated into every post you share, your website, and more. Together, we’ll come up with some characteristics of your brand’s voice and discover how we can use your voice to better connect with your ideal client. (Don’t know your ideal client yet? We can talk through that, as well.)

Visibility: Are people seeing you? If they do, are they seeing you as a person of authority and as someone who is likable? We’ll go through your website and social media channels together. We’ll talk through the know, like, and trust rules of marketing and analyze how your posts can showcase this. We’ll focus on how you can get visible and come up with a plan to get you sharing what matters.

So…what are you waiting for?

This offer won’t last long. From August 12th – August 23rd, I invite you to sign up for a 30-minute slot that works for your schedule.

Have questions or want to know more about this offer? Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be in touch with more details.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

I can’t wait to connect.

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