Today marks two years of being married to my other half. These past two years have been full of wins, challenges, and adventures. Within this past year, we’ve been to nine weddings, traveled abroad to London, and enjoyed multiple weekend trips to see friends and family. In the majority of our time, we’ve cooked new meals, spent a little too much time in front of a screen (his screen of choice being the computer, mine being the TV), and walked our dog-child together. It’s been a year full of busy, a year full of new opportunities, and a year full of new obstacles to tackle together.

When we got married, I wanted to work in the non-profit field. In fact, I genuinely had no inkling that I’d ever want to start my own business, yet alone before our first year of marriage was even over. Bryce didn’t marry a business owner. He didn’t sign up for this. But he’s been my biggest fan, my biggest supporter, and my most handsome team member ever since. When I listened to a podcast interview I did a few weeks back, I was shocked to hear that I didn’t mention him as much as I felt I should have. Not because he ever asks me to mention him, or because he does what he does for recognition, but because I was so disappointed that I didn’t thank the person who has supported me the most since this business’ inception in February 2018.

Today, on our anniversary, this one is for Bryce.

In the past year, Bryce has taken on the role of accountant, researching small business taxes, setting them up, and holding me accountable. When I say he knows his stuff, I mean it. I’m continually impressed by his ability to learn new things, his love of figuring numbers out, and his (extremely patient and grace-filled) demeanor towards me as I stumble through this part of business. He’s taken on the role of encourager on those days where I question what I’m doing, sometimes with (lots of) tears involved. He’s taken on the role of cheerleader at the drop of a hat when I interrupt his work day with a frantic call to share a success I had.

More than anything, he’s taken on the role of supporter as he stands as the backbone of our little family. He’s a provider, a patient listening ear, and most importantly, a best friend. While I don’t think I say “thank you” out loud nearly enough, I feel it each and every day. From the bottom of my heart, I know I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I know Line Writing Co. wouldn’t still exist without him.

As we celebrate our two year anniversary today, I wanted to share this personal post in honor of my favorite dude. We’re the perfect story of opposites attract – a creative, emotional girl meets a logical, grounded guy. On our first date (now almost 5 years ago), Bryce told me the next person he dated was going to be the one he married. I’m glad that was me…even if that’s NOT the best thing to say on a first date!

As you all support my business, I thank you for supporting my family. You’re supporting a business that is run out of love and with a lot of heart. Happy Anniversary to us, Bryce.

Until next time,


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